Life is beautiful. Babies are a miraculous display of this precious life. At the right moment, the news of pregnancy can be one of the most joyful events in one's life. When unexpected and unprepared, it can be the most heart pounding, frightening news one can receive. You do not have to face this alone - you are not alone. The PHC would like to walk beside you during this time. We offer support, referrals, guidance, and information for those who find themselves in a crisis situation. 

In addition to support for those facing an unexpected pregnancy, w offer post-abortion ministry and referrals to the person suffering from the aftermath of abortion. The PHC provides education and up-to-date information on abortion and its adverse effects to both the Christian and secular community. Babies are a miracle yet they also require so much of us.. As a mother, a supportive network can help encourage you along this journey.

Promoting the Sanctity of Human Life to Every Generation